kiss me a blow

or just buy me a drink

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"they come with girls who bite and buck
who cannot read and cannot write
who laugh like they would fall apart
and masturbate with dynamite"

"Do you realize that if we played by the rules right now we'd be in gym?"

"Beware of crossing your arms in the sterile attitude of the spectator, because life is not a spectacle, because a sea of sorrows is not a proscenium, because a man who screams is not a dancing bear."

I am a dancing bear.
I am cliché.
I like to set things on fire.
I like Harry Potter and French rap.
I am young and idealistic and silly.
I never feel _____ enough.
I graffiti walls with my black eyeliner.
I am scared of nothing less than being ordinary.
I want to learn your language and speak to you in it.
I dare to eat a peach.
I fantasize.
I spill drinks on my dresses.
I rarely pay for things.
I am fantastic.
I am rude.